Quad City Auctions - Northern Arizona Estate & Liquidation Services

Do I need to create an account?

All auctions and their items are visible to anyone visiting the site. Registration for the account has zero obligation however, in order to bid you must add a valid credit/debit card in your account. This is for your security and fairness in the auction process.

Is a resale certificate required?

No, but if you don't have one we charge sales tax. Once registered, reach out to us from our Contact Us page to submit a copy of your certification. Once approved, we will make your account tax exempt and you will no longer be charged sales tax.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cash and checks with the proper ID and PayPal. Please let us know that you will paying with cash or check so we do not assume the invoice is unpaid.

Is there an auction fee?

Every winning item will be charged with a 12% auction fee (buyer’s premium) plus applicable taxes.

What if I can’t pick up an item at the scheduled pick up Time?

If you are unable to come to the scheduled pickup time, it is the winning bidder's responsibility to send someone on their behalf with a valid driver's license and a PAID invoice. Items not picked up on the scheduled pickup day are subject to a transport fee (if pick up is onsite) starting at $25 per lot (based on size and weight) and storage fees starting at $10 per lot per day (based on size and weight). If items(s) remain unclaimed after 1 week of the auction end date they will be considered forfeited with no refund given.

I am no longer interested in the item. Can I delete or retract a submitted bid?

Quad City Auctions is not able to delete any bids that are placed. All bids are final, and non-retractable

How did I get outbid by only a few cents when the minimum increment is $1?

Proxy bidding allows you to enter your maximum purchase bid.  An example is if you were to bid $50.55 and the next bidder was to bid $50.00 then you would still be winning the item by $0.55.  The next minimum bid would be $51.55.

What the Heck is THE BUNDLE?

It's a chance for you to get GREAT DEALS! “THE BUNDLE” lot will occasionally show up at the end of an auction event. This lot consists of ALL UNSOLD ITEMS within the auction event it is posted. Any lots or items that have received Zero Bids are considered to be UNSOLD and will be placed into one BUNDLE lot. The amount of lots within this listing will be determined at the end of the auction and can be followed by watching zero bid items. THE BUNDLE listing will be removed if all prior lots have successful bids and there will be no charge for the lot.
**Items with starting bids of $10 or higher and/or Reserve Price items are NOT included in The Bundle

What if I did not receive an invoice in my email?

Please check your spam/junk folders. All invoices are generated and sent at the close of each auction.  You may also find your invoice(s) under your account management page. Home>My Account>>My Account Home. Menu on the left will have a link for "invoices". Please note that if using a mobile device these directions are not the same. With mobile devices you will be using the navigation bars (three lines) and then pull-down menus to find your invoices. You may request a duplicate invoice by contacting us: contact@qcauctions.com

Can I present my PAID invoice on my mobile device?

You may either bring a paper copy of your invoice or present that invoice on your mobile device.

When and where do I pick up my items?

Pick-up days and times will be scheduled via CALENDLY and is the buyer's responsibility to follow through with the chosen time and date. Pick-up of items located within our warehouse location must be completed within 7 days of auction end. "Onsite" locations (anywhere BUT our warehouse) will have specific limitations as to when items must be retrieved and will vary from sale to sale. Information for onsite sales will be included in each sale's terms and given to the buyers with location directions after the sale has concluded.  Items located in our Prescott Warehouse will be available at 565 EZ Street Suite 3C in Prescott, AZ.  If you need directions please contact us. 

What is required to pick up my items?

A valid driver's license, and a PAID (paper or mobile phone) invoice is required in order to pick up your item(s).

Do you provide help retrieving and loading items?

We will do our best to assist you in retrieving your item(s) but please be aware that help is not always available nor a given when it comes to loading. Please bring help of your own to assure a safe retrieval and loading, especially for large and heavy items.

Do you accept returns?

No, all items are sold as is and with no warranty. No exceptions will be made.